We’re engaged!

You may have heard the news by now thanks to speedy social media, but two weekends ago the love of my life asked me to marry him.


I’m beyond excited and so, so, so happy to announce that (of course) I said yes and we are engaged to be married.

So, how did it happen? Well, the “surprise” engagement had been in the works for months. But unfortunately, we share a computer and the same living space and I put a few things together and I pretty quickly figured out something was up. Though I had a strong idea I was going to be an engaged woman Saturday night I couldn’t be sure. Simeon wasn’t acting strange at all and he’s usually pretty chipper so his eager demeanor didn’t really stand out. Up until the last minute I even tried denying to myself that anything was going to happen just to prevent any accidental disappointment.

Simeon had planned for us to go for an afternoon hike on Saturday. Months ago I signed up for a pie baking class with Joy the Baker and knew I wouldn’t be home until mid afternoon (pies in tow). Unfortunately, a nagging headache persisted until I got home. Figuring I’d need energy and stamina for the hike (and a breathless yes?) I laid down for a nap. I thought maybe this would throw Simeon off his game but he didn’t mind one bit. After a restful sleep I got up, we got dressed in “hiking” clothes and hopped in the car for the drive down to Williamstown, MA. Soon enough we were pulling into the Clark Museum property where a trail head begins just behind the museum itself.

We walked along the gorgeous trail, red, gold and brown leafs cluttering the path and I noticed Simeon’s speed start to pick up. As he paced ahead I looked at him thinking to myself that this was the last day I would know him as my boyfriend. This was the last day I may ever have a boyfriend again. The thought tickled me and I ran to catch up.

The trail suddenly ended and out of the forest a giant open field emerged with grand 360 views. Straight ahead a GIANT boulder loomed surround by a thin cluster of trees. Simeon suggested we head for the boulder. There were other people – just a few – milling about in different directions so I don’t know what possessed me to say something but when I saw a sliver of a blue sweat shirt behind a tree I thought the person was sitting down contemplating life. I sweetly suggested that perhaps we didn’t want to intrude on this person’s quiet time. Completing ignoring me–for the first time ever–Simeon kept walking ahead. He suddenly answered with a loud “OKAY!” which was clearly not directed to me. Out of nowhere (well, out from behind the boulder and the trees) came Simeon’s parents, our friends from Kripalu, Simeon’s old boss, my old coworkers, new friends, family from New York, my best friend in Boston holding her cell phone of my other best friend in San Diego and more…So many family and friends! That blue sweatshirt I had seen? That was Simeon’s dad’s denim jeans!

I knew what was coming and yet I was totally, utterly caught by surprise. It was absolute magic. I just loved having people I love there with us to witness our moment. The ring (designed by Simeon and made by a family friend) was on the boulder waiting for us. Before anyone could say anything Simeon grabbed my hand and led me to the top. There he got on one knee and without missing a beat asked, “Natanya Haviva Margalit Reuben Green, will you marry me?” Without a bit of hesitation I said yes. I can’t wait to add another name to that long list!


After a bunch of hooping and hollaring and cheering and hugging and Ohmygod-ing a whole crew of us went out for margaritas and Mexican food where an old Jewish man from Seville was serenading patrons with Gipsy Kings songs. And we had the best. night. ever.

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6 thoughts on “We’re engaged!

  1. Mazol Tov! and Congratulations! I really love this news and the story of how it happened. A good engagement story is a priceless thing for…. your future children. They’ll want to go see the boulder and will ask you to retell the story again and again!

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