Gainful Unemployment

My good friend Charlie joked with me today that I’m “gainfully unemployed.” My first reaction was a good giggle and then I punched him in the arm (lovingly). But the more I thought about his joke, the more I wanted to take it seriously. 

While I’m job searching, sending out my resume, and networking, I’ve found I’ve got quite a few empty hours left in the day. And by quite a few I mean more than plenty. When I first returned from Massachusetts I found the time was useful when spent catching up with friends and re-igniting old flames. One week went by, then two. Eventually I couldn’t hide it from myself any longer. I wasn’t following the program of mindfulness I had intended when I left Kripalu. Both my yoga mat and meditation cushion were accumulating dust while I pranced around Sacramento “getting stuff done.”

I started to pity myself.

Old habits…how many cliches can you think of about old habits? Die hard? Best of friends? Well, they came back with a vengeance. Soon I was waking up at 9am (seriously, that’s late for me) and eating whatever was in the house. I refused to exercise and refused to think mindfully about anything.

I’m pretty sure Hanukkah saved me. As a gift, my mother bought me a two month membership to Healthy Habits (speaking of habits) a yoga/fitness center downtown where yoga classes were mixed in with Balletone (toning workouts derived from ballet moves-fun!), Strippercize, pole dancing, circut training, spinning, and more! After my first class the owner recruited me to work the front desk for a few hours a week, greeting other clients and maintaining the warm atmosphere. It was wonderful to be around the constant buzz and reminded me how much better I feel when I get active. 

I soon began in earnest to get my fingers on anything that could help motivate me towards a better beginning to 2009. Blogs were scoured, magazines were torn apart (quite literally), and calls were made. 

This then is my result. A 30-day challenge as proposed by Steve Pavlina, personal development guru and blogger extraordinaire. 

My first 30-day challenge is to meditate everyday for at least 5 min. Chris Crotty, Rez Staff at the Semester Intensive was always saying that 5 min a day was the easiest way to stay committed to a practice and far more beneficial than an hour sit once a week. I had been meaning to meditate anyway and happened to start up my practice again last week. Well, I made it to Day 9 before I slipped up. Day 9 meditation never happened. So today I’m back at square 1. Which is actually ok with me, because at least I’m still going right?? Day 1 happened! Let’s party! Celebrate the small things I say!

Next up is Gratitude Journaling. I bought a darling notebook (about the size of a moleskin) the color of rouge with a picture of a vintage bike on the front and a bouquet of flowers in the bike’s basket. I love it. Every night for the next 30 days I will write an entry of at least one sentence regarding something I am grateful for from that day.

Every morning, I’m going to jump out of bed with a smile, head over to the computer and before I do anything else I’m going to watch this EFT video by Brad Yates. It’s sweet and cheesy, and oh so helpful.

If you haven’t heard of EFT go here right now! Brad Yates will even be at the conference my mom is hosting in April! (Check out for more on the conference).

If you know anything about me at all you know that I have about 12 other things I want to do 30-day trials for (and usually I would do them all at the same, right?) Im going to try to KISS it (Keep It Simple Stupid) and only do these three for starters. Ideally, I would only do one trial at a time so I could monitor the individual results to get a clear idea of which activity is helping me the most, but I’m too impatient for that. Well except for one more thing 😉 I’ll update this blog every day regarding my overall progress. (And, I’ll be knocking off one of my other intentions which is to blog regularly!)

So check back often to see how I’m doing! If you like, link to your own 30-day trial and lets do this together! I’d love to hear all of your suggestions too so feel free to leave a comment below.

Big hugs,

Keyword for two thousand & divine? Consistency!


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