More new poems

I Want to Write Stories
I want to write stories
of adventure so real
you happily sink
your feet into
the mud
the earth
between your toes.

I am Home
I sailed around the world
to search for my true Self.
I laughed and screamed and cried
when She didn’t answer me.
I though I’d give up.

It was then in my silence…
I heard Her whisper on the wind
that brought me home.

We Went for a Walk in the Woods
I asked if you saw the way
the snow glittered under foot.
You said you forgot
your sunglasses
and it was too bright to see.

I asked if you noticed
the way the slush
looked like snow cones
from the fair.
You said you were
busy being careful
not to trip.

I asked if you noticed
the tall trees like guards
at their posts of the forest palace.
You said the trees were
only pretty at Spring time.

I asked if you heard
the Silence of winter
as we walked.
You said you could
only hear your footsteps
crushing snow.

We walked together
on the trail but
I must admit friend
I think we took
a different journey.

-Natanya Green


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