Four Poems For April

water nebula
It’s when…
when the grass feels like the hairs on the warm arm of Earth
when I stay up until late night is also called early morning and the sky is still dark
when concentrate on stretching my toes
when I laugh while driving because I decided to
when I feel your lips and forget that we’re separate people
when I feel like I could climb into a song
when I watch you breathe and realize we shared that last breath
…that’s when I feel most alive.

me eating a peachI do
I count my freckles
I spin in circles
I connect the stars
I lick my lips
I bite my nails
I paint my toes
I hum that old song
I chew real slow
I sew my skirt hem
I try to juggle fruit
I listen to you tell stories
And I dream myself far away.
full length window mirror
Who are you?
do I love you
when you weren’t
meant for me?
did you teach me
between the words
you spoke?
would I be
if you didn’t
keep me late?
will I figure out you’re just my moving shadow?


Please go and be yourself gone.

Because I’ve gotten used to dreaming you believing you wanted me.
And thats the way it wasn’t. Thank god. Right? Thank god.
Its my chance to love me more.
More than It was worth it before.
So, thanks.
You, who I used to be.


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