Returning to a New Beginning: Kripalu

Kripalu, here I come! Yes, folks, I’m going (coming) back. First it was for 4 months as a student, then 6 months as a volunteer. Now I’ve committed for 11 months as an intern in the Professional Training Department, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Kripalu is a haven away from “home.” That magical chrysalis where I have learned to dive deeper into my soul search and allow the mess I usually find to sort itself out in and among the beautiful Berkshire hills. This summer being the conclusion of my undergraduate education, I am ready to leave behind the routine of school work for the routine of soul work at a retreat center.

In order to keep those (few?) of you abreast of my life at ‘yoga camp’ I’ll be updating more regularly here with many anecdotes, videos, pictures, and musings. It is my intention to create a Treasure Chest of memories to help chart my progress and remind myself of the moments I am sure to hold very dear. I only hope that in the least it will be amusing if not educating.




2 thoughts on “Returning to a New Beginning: Kripalu

  1. Stuart L Canton says:

    Seriously: this is really cool. Where’s your rss feed? Why can’t we follow you in our fancy readers?

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