A Kripalu Homecoming

After a long day of flying cross-country I finally made it to Kripalu!

Though Marsha (my ride from the airport) and I had planned to attend a friend’s birthday party last night we agreed it had been a long enough day already and decided to call it a night. Needless to say, I fell asleep immediately.

The sound of Household cleaning outside my door at 7:30am woke me out of a haze, which I guess was lucky or else I might have slept through breakfast! Stepping outside my “house” to saunter to breakfast, I was stuck by how humid the east coast is now. I had forgotten that I no longer live in dry heat!

At breakfast I was surprised to see a few improvements to the dining facility including a sparkling dish return, new painted walls (I was told the color is “Chardonnay” aka deep purple), new wall hangings and more. I meandered downstairs and ran into Rick in the cafe sitting with other volunteers. Its so satisfying to see the faces of old friends after time away–especially when their eyes are glowing like Rick’s! Seems like a lot has happened since I’ve been away.

My nerves were still shot from travel and emotional highs and lows so a dip in sauna/whirpool helped me relax a bit. Since I really had nothing else planned, I stopped at the Mailroom to check out my new mailbox and lo, there was already a welcome note from Tim! I turned around and found him in the mailroom office. He’s sporting a fresh mustache and I have to say, I absolutely love it.

Later I made it just in time for Kripalu YogaDance with the fierce Toni Bergens, where I really got to let go of the stress from the past week. God, it felt good! Then lunch: brown rice, avocado, steamed kale and collards with garlic, tahini, cholula, and dried miso, and cream of mushroom soup. So delicious and clean. The food is going to treat me very well here, I can feel it already. Next, vigorous yoga with one of my favorite teachers before dinner followed by some reading and bed.

The past week of finals and papers and goodbyes has left me so stressed out I hardly realized how tense I’ve been. The space here is allowing me to unwind and refocus and I’m so grateful. As soon as I find my camera cord I’ll update you with pictures as well but in the meantime here is a photo of my “house” from my files. (I apologize for the image quality!)

The Hill House; my room is to the left of the door, first floor




2 thoughts on “A Kripalu Homecoming

  1. Grandma says:

    I finaly figued it out that if I wanted to know what is going on with you I should read your blog. Obviously it wa ateat to see your living quarters and read about your first days settling in and letting go of the tension. I miss talking to you. We had a wonderful time in San Francisco last week. You were right we both loved Widked Grandpa is still talking about it. We paced ourselve so that each day we hd a special place togo. The Academy of Science was a treat the dinner at the very very fine restaurant that Nancy suggested was perfect and our experience at the De Young enjoying the remarkable Impressionists exhibit was all that we could ask for. Mother was here last night for dinner Uncle Steve arrives tomorrow for an overnight so we are very blessed and feeling good. I miss yoiu. My love to you my precious Grandma

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