Things I Love Thursday – 8/19/10

Photo by Nicholas WilsonPhoto by Nicholas Wilson, wilson fotografie

The weekly round-up!

Molly Lawrence coming to town!; soliciting hugs on Facebook and receiving text messaged hugs immediately; yoga in the park; having a place to call home downtown; sake bombs with the sushi restaurant owner on they way in and on the way out; flip flops for five dollars – and that alliteration; All you can Jet Pass – I wish I was going somewhere!!; arguing about religion for four hours per day, 3x per week; home made whipped cream at the Naked Lounge;dancing at the Town House; a new friend who turn out to be old friend; finding out what a Ph.D. really is (in pictures!); career decision making mania; text message therapy; getting up at 5:15 am and taking a nap at 8:30am; “e-lurking on“; finding new blogs to trove (details coming soon!); sharing new “set-points”; my watch being nicknamed “Grandpa Mishimoto” (“because it looks like a small Japanese grandpa would wear it”).

What tops your list??




4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday – 8/19/10

  1. Excuse me I find it unsettling that you somehow did not speak of or even mention your trip to San Francisco. Is that not something you love? Am I not someone you love?

    1. Natanya Green says:

      You’re so welcome! Thanks for visiting the blog. It was great to hang out with you and Jimae and Molly last night.

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