Blogs you should know about…

Did you know there are 112,000,000 blogs in existence?*

So many blogs, and I had never read one until my friend Philip happened to mention that a friend of his had a blog he thought I would like… Well, short story short – like it I did!

And soon began my spiral into blogland. One blog linked to another linked to another, and now my blog reader boasts quite a few. Regardless of how many I add there are always the all-time-favorites that I make sure to check regularly… Now seems as good a time as any to share the blog love with you! (You’re probably at work, right? And once you check this you’ll want to have more distraction for just a few minutes longer, yes?)…

So just as my favorite list maker would do, here’s my top 5 most frequented blogs! Happy browsing! 😉

Photo by Shae Acopian Detar

Gala Darling // “Writer; international playgirl; intercontinental sweetheart.”

Ccan usually be found wearing something sequined.  Her motto is radical self love – and she lives it.  Gala is the friend of Philip’s whose blog started it all and whose inspired love for life kept me coming back to read again and again. She somehow manages to have what seems like the most magical life ever! Jet setting from New Zealand (where she was born) to New York, LA, Las Vegas and back, she has great tips on how to be the most stylish, loving, fanciful, witty, daring, compassionate, edgy, version of yourself!

Read this if: You need a quick dose of inspiration, a reminder to be grateful, a roundup of the best of the internet every week, or you have a craving for anything hot pink.


Nubby Twiglet // from her site… “Graphic designer, marketing mastermind, online personality, & shoe lover.”

This is the most well edited graphic design blog I’ve seen yet. She’s designed for tons of well known companies like Virgin Records, Nike, The Wall Street Journal, and Forever 21. The content ranges from portfolio samples to weekly picture mash-ups to Q&A posts to What I Wore style pieces. Though I’m not in the design field I love reviewing her graphic design work, reading her advice column, and drooling over her personal aesthetic which leans towards the mod in all shades of black, white, gray and red.

Read this if: You’d like to learn about design, want to know how to publicize your own work, need a little more Virgo in your life, or if you care at all about shoes.


Danielle LaPortePhoto by Anastasia Photography

White Hot Truth

Danielle LaPorte // from her site… “I’m interested in liberating truth, raw reality, and grace. I think feminine power and progressive commerce will revolutionize how we live. In my experience, if you steer clear of dogma and muster up more love than you thought you had to give, then your vitality increases, satisfaction sets in, sweetness surfaces. I believe in the creative power of good feelings. I’m convinced that the desire to be real is everyone’s divine imperative. Yeah!”

This woman is half  business-bombshell, half shaman-mama. Her blog posts are straight from the heart and her keen intellect and word prowess is evident in the blazing, white-hot fire she writes in every blog post. In fact, the strategic business plans she co-creates with real live clients are called Fire Starter Sessions and I pretty much want to start a business just to hire her. She also co-wrote the lovely and thought-provoking book Style Statement which I highly recommend.

Read this if: You want to know the secrets to the Universe, you like to be reminded of the truth of who you are, you want a personal expert strategic adviser, or you just need a good kick-in-the-pants.


Elise Blaha Cripe

Elise Blaha :: enJOY it.

Elise Blaha Cripe // from her site… “My name is Elise. I live in San Diego, California with my husband, Paul. I love making stuff out of paper and recently fabric. I have an online shop, enjoy design and sometimes host online craft workshops. This blog is where I share my projects, thoughts, adventures. Thank you for visiting this space.”

I have no memory how I stumbled upon this blog but I’m so glad I did! Elise is as crafty as they come and creates the most whimsical (yet practical) memory books (I dare not call them scrapbooks!) among other fun things. Turns out she (and her hubby Paul) hail from ol’ Sactown and we have 19 friends in common on Facebook! Small world, huh?

Read this if: You want great craft ideas, you care about DIY, or you’d just like to see how a internet non-celeb makes blogging look super easy!


Jessie Rosen


Jessie Rosen // from her site… “Jessie Rosen writes the blog 20-Nothings which was recently optioned for scripted television development. She is a Manhattan-based writer whose work has also appeared in Marie Claire and been syndicated to MSN.” Note: I find her often hilarious and always on point.

In 11 words: “trying to figure out our 20s before they’re over- in writing” or “the nonsense we occupy ourselves with on G-chat, in complete sentences.”

Read this if: Your age begins with the number 2, or you just ran out of something to say on g-chat and you need something to talk about.


Runners up…

I couldn’t leave you without mentioning the blogs of some friends (and which I think you’ll enjoy!)

Eve Ford

Joyful Spirit on Media

Eve Ford // Eve went to graduate school for feminist film making and though the program dissolved after her frist year, her love for movies never did. Through public school teaching, private life coaching, mothering, wife-ing, and all her other responsibilities, Eve keeps up an awesome blog about films, actors, directors, and the like which I always turn to for an insider’s eye on the most up-to-date films.

Katie Loncke

Katie Kloncke // Sactown raised and Boston educated, this bi-coastal beauty is a mastermind at simplifying the inevitable complexities of living a modern Buddhist life. I love the way she explains it best:

Kloncke: (klôngk!) v.intr.  To mindfully blog for social and spiritual liberation; n.  A participatory happiness memoir.  A blog dedicated to kloncking.

Check out her posts for fresh wisdom on topics relating to social justice, Buddhism, food, and friends.

Gabe Roberts

Poco Hecho

Gabriel “Gabe” Roberts // I recall when Gabe asked me about this thing called “blogging.”  Making it big in the City (which for West Coasters will always be San Francisco, never NYC), Gabe’s posts are articulate renderings of random musings. Entertaining, with lots of street cred. Leave him a comment and ask what poco hecho means – if you don’t already know…


Honorable mentions…

THXTHXTHX: A practice of daily gratitude. “Leah Dieterich’s mother always told her to write thank you notes. So she does. To everything. thxthxthx is her daily exercise in gratitude.”

Orchid Grey: Style blog. “Big hair, small wallet.”

Sas’ Magical Mystery Tour: Personal blog of someone I would consider hiring as my fairy godmother. “Observations from a scatterbrained, organized, coulrophobic, messy, hopeful, soppy, sarcastic, optimistic, story telling, romantic, grammatical radical, apprentice poet, list-making, traveling, red wine drinker, hugger, mad hatter, coffee addict, partly growed up and responsible, partly 8 years old, ginger ninja, london living and loving ex-pat kiwi, with more smarts than your average bear, a glass-three-quarters-full and an obscenely large lust for life.”

Seth Godin: Seth has written 12 bestsellers than have been translated into 33 languages (Titles like Linchpin, Tribes, and Purple Cow).  The oracle of marketing basically.

Steve Pavlina: “Personal Development for Smart People.” How can you not love that tagline? His stuff is getting more and more out there, but still – great food for thought.




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