Things I Love Thursday! 8-26-10

Benjamin Stabler Artpainting by Benjamin Stabler

Gosh, the weeks are flying by! (Doesn’t everyone say that?)…

Only 2 weeks left of school! (I’m feeling bittersweet about this as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my religious studies courses and will be sad to leave my friend Jonathan without a partner in crime!); Molly F pulling out the FAN!!! – what a whirl of difference in the upstairs apartment 😉 ; IKEA photoshoot; educating myself about wine – tell me what the canopy refers to and why its important and I’ll buy you a drink!; being gifted Abraham-Hicks CDs and passing them on; home made meals shared with dear friends; seeing Molly L’s room all put together after hauling her new furniture all over Sacramento and Davis last week; having drinks at the Shady Lady and suddenly remembering I live 2 blocks away and can walk home from the bar; dropping the food science class after acing the midterm; going to see Eat Pray Love with Molly L; meditating on happiness; getting excited for some of my favorite people to be in the same place at the same time; making an upbeat morning mix to listen to in the car (thanks Tamara!); playing “wife” all week; planning a San Francisco/Berkeley/Fairfield excursion for this weekend…

Whats poz in your life?

Much love,



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