10 things you may or may not have known about me…

10. I was kicked in the mouth in grade school. I walked in front of a kid on a swing just like they told us not to. My lip swelled and changed my face forever. I would be upset except for the compliments I often get on my lips. (I think it evened them out).

9. I can agonize over some decisions like what to eat for lunch. Usually though, I’m much more spontaneous. Like the time I decided to go on a four day trip out of town with a group of complete strangers 30 minutes before they left.

8. I really like leafy green vegetables. In smoothies.

7. Growing up I thought I would never have a nickname. I was seriously wrong. Here’s a sampling of the things I’ve been called (affectionately of course): Tanya, T, Tan Tan, Tansy, Tani Toons, Nat, Natty, Natty Lite, Natty Ice, Knit Nat, Natagnutoo, Nut Nut, Naughty Natty, Nut-on-ya, Natanya-hu (a la Netanyahu), Cookie and one year I asked my soccer team to call me Nicky.

6. My number one goal in life is to visit every continent.

5. I pucker my lips when I look in a mirror. Its an involuntary reflex.

4. I was the second tallest girl in 6th grade.

3. All my life I’ve associated every number and letter with a color. I plan on some day making a collage of what I see…

2. I still remember the phone number of the house of my very best childhood friend because the number was sung on her answering machine.

1. I love making lists and crossing things off so much that I will add something I’ve already done just so I can cross it off!



2 thoughts on “10 things you may or may not have known about me…

  1. Elizabeth Karen Reinhart says:

    You left off several of your nicknames, dear Tonsky. Maybe because you, like I, experience difficulties spelling them.

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