Things I Love Thursday 9-2-10

Tree in sunlight

Dinner at Tamara’s making CD mixes; Farmer’s market trips with Molly L; French prunes (much tastier than they sound!); discussing the separation of church and state with my grandmother and feeling deeply connected to the value of intellectual pursuits; experiencing my first Dave Matthews Band concert (especially the $20 ticket price and free beer); new fixings at the Fogarty apartment; yoga at Padme followed by lunch with owner Sophie & teacher John; knowing I’ll make it through the UC bureaucracy somehow, someway, eventually; Evan’s 25th; becoming fast friends with an ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend; Amazon prime! Free 2-day shipping never gets old; randomly seeing lots of friends all at once at the local coffee house; “She’s just a little chubbalufagous!”; exploring the world of the curling iron; writing myself letters from the future; coffee with Eve;  paying parking tickets with love; Reid’s spontaneous shoulder rubs; riding a bike around Davis again;  beautiful smiles from strangers; drinking John Daleys at Golden Bear with the bridesmaid crew; making up plans for next summer’s adventures in midtown; listening to old favorites from Cloud Cult, Belle & Sebastian, and Atmosphere; “Your schedule is mine biatch!”; Acknowledging once and for all that literary theory is not-so-secretly hipster; delicious pizza at 10pm with Drew and Molly followed by a proper tea with tea candles of course!; secret meet-ups in the City?; collecting lovely moments of sunshine all week (the walk through the grove of trees by the quad at UCD in late afternoon is why I was born).

Well, that’s my week! What was special about yours?




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