Things I Love Thursday – 9-16-10 (Special Edition!)

Hello Dear Readers!

This is a particularly special Things I Love Thursday as I’m not highlighting the things I’ve loved this week, but rather the people. This past weekend Two weekends ago I got the best pre-graduation gift – sharing amazing moments with some of the most terrific and authentic people I know.

Without further fanfare, please allow me to introduce you to FRIENDS: The Kripalu Edition!

Molly & Jen

Molly & Jen

We met at Kripalu 2008. Jen was my roommate and within a day we were adjoined at the hip. Me without Jen is like syrup without pancakes, pb&j without the bread. You know what I mean? And Molly and I knew within minutes of meeting that we would be friends. She has a HUGE heart and makes the most delicious nutritious food I have ever tasted! These two ladies embody real LOVE. We dream together, discuss, digress, and share together. There is no topic taboo between us and if there ever was such a thing as friend soul mates, they would be mine.

What can I say? We're usually like this.

KMN at Kripalu
Kripalu in December....Brrrr!



Also from the Kripalu Semester Intensive class of 2008. What an awesome dude. Thoughtful, contemplative, and genuine. He might not know this but he indirectly reminds me all the time to find poise and grace in the most hurried moments. He is honest, earnest, and smart. He’s older and taller, but I like to think of him like my little brother. I sometimes feel protective of him and other times want to push him out of his nest already!

Stopping to snap some pictures before breakfast!
At the pre-graduation party

Check back later on for more of the series FRIENDS. And I ain’t takin’ bout that ol’ teevee show neither!




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