Revisiting my Semester Intensive experience

Recently in conversation with many volunteers here I’ve been asked about my experience during the Semester Intensive program. A four-month residential immersion course for 18-25 year olds, SI was a unique educational model of teaching authentic living and integrated practice. It was here that I first felt the compound bliss and blight of community living and began to honestly dig through my inner world for the answers to my life’s questions. Every time I explain what SI was like for me, I tend to find new ways of describing the feelings, the thoughts, the experiences. This time, I’m just going to share some pictures.


And a very happy birthday to Jen – my roommate during this adventure – who turned another year round the sun today. I love you!

The theme of the semester
In the first week, four people shaved their hair. We learned to hold space...
We volunteered at a local farm where Kripalu sends its compost and buys its produce
Micah, enjoying the "fruits" of his labor
Our classroom - usually in a circle, always on the floor
We learned to be present with each other and to connect
We squeezed 8 people in a car and drove to Boston for the Yoga Mala celebration. We got pulled over for a speeding ticket.
We danced. A lot. And learned to salsa!
We went blueberry picking. We brought back pounds and pounds...
We learned about the chakras in health class and dressed up for a special 'chakra day'
We took long drives through country roads and watched the leaves change
We dressed up for Halloween and had a party to remember
We pulled pranks. This was a stealth operation of 'naked yoga.' Obviously.
We went apple picking. And ate the apples as we picked them.
We hiked Mt. Gerylock and did yoga on the summit.
We dressed like each other for a day. Micah was Shobhan. Best. Impression. Ever.
We canoed down the Housatonic River and learned out the efforts to protect it.
The Hill House Circus was a big hit (like a talent show but better)
We made friends for life!


Somewhere, there are people you’ve not yet met who will change your life forever. For the better. Soon too!







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