Things I Love Thursday 10-14-10

It’s Thursday already??? This week flew by! Oh friends, I am loving this moment – loving my life in so many ways right now.  If I think about it too much my chest starts to hurt with the beauty of the sky, the love in my friendships, and the expansion in my soul..

This week it was all about the conscious dialogue. I felt the energy. I sat with the fear. I approached the folks. And I spoke with integrity about the Truth. My Truth. It was exhilarating and exciting and nerve-wracking! There was so much I was inspired by and the lessons I embraced will be with me for the rest of my life. I feel fuller, more alive, more at peace and for that I am so so so thankful. The mini-dance party was a release that shook the cobwebs from my hips. The 3-hour hike through the forest was a gorgeous breath of solace in the frenzy of an admin life. The weekend vacation in Albany pet sitting for a friend’s family was delightful, especially the time alone and the pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia that I shared with myself 😉 Dinners out stirred my mind and heart with the feelings of familiarity and friendship. Breakfast at the local spot with dear ones helped me soften into the unknown of my future life and the willingness to venture towards my calling. Feeling stronger. Painting. Extending offers to visit. Sending off home-made postcards filled with messages of the heart. Making new friends. Being reminded why I love my work and why I’m good at what I do. Delicious meals full of green things. Letters from home. Writing new material for the upcoming poetry slam! Only 11 days until the Michael Franti conert!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Things I Love Thursday 10-14-10

  1. hi natanya!
    thanks for commenting! i am so glad to find your blog! did you enjoy your trip to SF?
    i look forward to keeping in touch with you!
    kinda bummed i didn’t get an ‘honorable mention’ from you…but maybe next time! 😉 ha!

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