Things I Love Thursday 11-11-10! (Special Edition!)

Welcome back to the next installment of People I Love Thursday! This week, I bring you – The San Francisco/Sacramento Transplant contingent…

Oh my, these folks are certainly living it up in the City – from the Outer Sunset to the Inner Sunset, from the Castro, to Potrero Hill…From San Francisco to Oakland! These friends have been with me for a decade or two and have the laugh lines to prove it…

Elizabeth Polana

Ahh, high school. Summer school Spanish class. We never stopped laughing. And when the fall arrived and we found ourselves in the same Spanish class again we knew we’d become the best of amigas. From trips to my cabin to prom dances, this girl got me through. I miss her tons when we’re not together which is almost always – we haven’t lived in the same city since high school. She has a keen ear for the truth and a sensitivity that would probably equal Cinderella’s. She’s compassionate and kind, and doles advice with a sincerity of purpose and is always supportive, regardless of how off-the-wall the ideas I share seem.

She worked at a job she hated while she imagined the job of her dreams. And I’m so proud of her, why? Because she made the dream real! Just check out the view from her new office in Potrero Hill!!

Noa Mandel

My first true friend. My longest-known friend. Dude. This girl is the real deal. I like to say we’ve be friends for nearly 2 decades and we’ve never had a fight. If we did, I don’t remember. When I think of Noa, I think a big smile and a giggle. She’s sweet, compassionate and is inspired to activism on account of her belief in the power of social change. She likes to do – and it is evident from her numerous club board positions, helping to create events that make a difference in the lives of others, to traveling the world with her best friend Liz. When she wants something, she ponders it and then acts. It is ever so inspiring and I’m so proud of her decision to go on to grad school this year to become a social worker!

Gabriel Roberts

This picture epitomizes Gabe in my mind. He once drove a packed U-Haul from Sacramento to Redding which was already a task enough but first had to get it out of my dead-end street. What would have been a three-point turn for a normal car became a 40-point turn in the U-Haul. Determined, Gabe finally turned the darn thing around though not without a few terse words to the steering wheel I’m sure. He’s a friend who remembers that handwritten notes carry their own special meaning, who brings house-warming gifts and flowers for graduation. When he laughs his head knocks back, his eyes crinkle, and a deep guffaw escapes. You know when Gabe appreciates something and I love that about him. He’s also an extremely talented artist who I know will someday make his artistic mark much like Wayne Thiebaud (fellow UC Davis alum… well, professor alum). He also started his own little collection of blogs…check ’em out!

Thanks, you three, for giving me the pleasure of your friendship and a place to stay when I come to the Bay Area!


Happy end of the workweek y’all (as Noa’s mom Sandy would say šŸ˜‰




2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday 11-11-10! (Special Edition!)

  1. Where did you even find that picture? I didn’t even know those kind words existed on your blog until I found myself bored one day and googled my name. Lo and Behold! Natanya Loves Me.

  2. noa mandel says:

    OMG I just found this post for the first time! you are too sweet and i am so proud to call you one of my oldest friends. i love you so much girl!! xoxo

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