Things I Love Thursday 11-18-10

Happy Friday! I’m glad to still bring you a special TiLT this week – Better late than never 😉 I’m bursting with love: for myself, my friends, my community here, my space, the view, Kripalu, my teachers, my life.

Finally going to visit the Norman Rockwell museum. It was a picturesque fall day – just how Norman would have painted it…

Stockbridge Bowl in the morningThe view of the Stockbridge Bowl on the way to the main building every morning.

Birch treeThe whiteness of this single birch tree .

The walk back home to Hill House.

Notes left on my desk.

The Goodness book.

These CDs. A surprise gift from a friend.

This book. Which mentions my sister’s non-profit organization! I had no idea when I picked it up…

This meditation CD.

Swami Kripalu at my alter space.

This image. It speaks of my Essential Luxury style statement to a T.

Natanya and Steven at Betty's Pizza Shack

Celebrating birthdays with friends!


Have a great weekend!




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