How about that hair huh?

I can legitimately put my hair in a ponytail. This is big. At least, when you consider where I was last year at this time…

Let’s review shall we? Starting with May 2009…when I “did it” and shaved my head!

The ‘Sade’ phase.

I loved never thinking about my hair in the morning, or in the rain, or…ever.

I loved this look.

Photo credit, Jasmine De Marcos. We took an afternoon and shot photos all over the Kripalu grounds. My scalp loved the attention 😉

Oh, the stylish phase. You know how we do…

A shot from this summer. Such good times in this hair iteration!

Where we are today. November 2010.

For some reason I feel like a lot is going to happen to me with long hair.  A lot of good things –  relationships will blossom, income will grow, adventures will be had…Maybe I’m just projecting. 😉 Who knows! And anyway, there’s always something wonderful to look forward to now, even if it is just another sunrise.





2 thoughts on “How about that hair huh?

  1. Jasmine says:

    I just saw this post now (I read your blog in tasty gulps, a few posts at a time:) – so lovely to recall that fun photo shoot, and see the evolution of your hair since then. How lucky are you, to look so fabulous at every length?!

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