Things I Love Thursday 12-2-10

Happy December! ~ The days feel like they are arriving 2 for 1 and the week is really only 3 1/2 days instead of 7. Still, there is so much to love in one week I feel like I’m just as full of gratitude as through the rest of the year. And with the Thanksgiving holiday just behind us I’m still riding the tail of that built-in reminder of all I have, which is all I need…

This week my list tops out at my new camera!!! Oh goodness. I now own a Canon SD1300 IS 12.1 megapixel with 4x wide angle optimal image stabilized zoom…and I feel special. Expect a lot more photos to pixelate these pages people!!…

Open Mic night (my friends are so super talented)…Slam poetry prepping with D-Rex…OkCupid…Kitchari for breakfast…5-Year plans…so many birthdays…getting organized…Finishing People of the Book (so good-read it!)…First night of Hanukkah!…Buying just-so-perfect gifts for my family…Having 5% conversations…The sun after the rainstorms…Pizza payday!…yummy coffee for 80 cents with a staff discount…retooling my budget to include more frequent coffee purchases…taking myself out to a delicious dinner at Brix

and writing two poems while I ate…Feeling “appreciation for what is and eagerness for what is coming”…bonding with my girl Lauren while it’s just the two of us in the office…Playing with Uma the Cat all week while I house-sat…Maintaining my Saturday at Shots Cafe ritual…Getting into the David Vendetti program this weekend: Hands, Heart, and Hips – here I come!


Hope your week was full of goodness!




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