Things I Love Thursday 12-9-10

Happy thursDay to you dear blogland friend!

Another week, another love list – it never ends does it? And we would never wish to, now would we? 😉 Here’s the down ‘n dirty of what made my eyes twinkle this week!

❤ Using my camera everyday! Check out the pretty pictures I snapped this morning on the way to work:

























Did you catch the rainbow in the last photo? Glorious…

❤ Eating milk chocolate bars from the gift shop and reading the love poems written on the inside of the wrapper

❤ Getting extra odd tasks completed at work

❤ Date nights

❤ Three days of non-stop snowfall. I now live in a winter wonderland – just as December in New England should be.

❤ Daily meditation

❤ Sending off home-made cards and post-cards

❤ Feeling like every song I heard and every movie I watched this was exactly about my love life. Hilarious and sad.

❤ Performing a reading of my Happy Birthday letter to Grandpa at the Open Mic in Housatonic and meeting so many amazing locals – and getting the most heartfelt feedback.

❤ Feeling totally inspired for the future…

❤ And of course this week was Hanukkah! My favorite was this toe-tapping video that went seriously viral all over the web…

Lastly, I’m so grateful for you, the invisible reader…I have no idea who you are, but there are more of you than there ever have been before… Thank YOU for visiting and being a part of this sometimes mild, sometimes wild life I lead.

Have a great weekend!





One thought on “Things I Love Thursday 12-9-10

  1. Grandma says:

    Your pictures are beautiful. They are full of the smells and soft sounds and feelings of my childhood. A winter wonderland. Enjoy it all my dearest love Grandma

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