Monthly Challenge: January

Eating Clean:

Gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, meat free

As part of my 25 for 25, I’m committing to a monthly challenge that must be fun (or why do it?), interesting (to keep me motivated), and stretch me beyond my normal limits (the purpose is to grow!). January’s challenge is to eat my lunch and dinner meals from the “Basics Bar” at Kripalu. Though all the food at Kripalu is healthy faire, mostly organic, seasonal and local, it still includes some of the most common acidic forming foods in a common diet including meat, eggs, dairy, wheat and sugar.

The “Basics Bar” is located off the main buffet lines and offers a mostly macrobiotic diet. This essentially means that none of the above irritants are included in any of the dishes. Beyond this simple remedy, the food matches my Ayurvedic constitutional needs extremely well. [Brief lesson in alternative health: Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old medical tradition from India that assumes bio-individuality and thus espouses that each person needs diet and lifestyle modifications that fit their “type”. For the curious, I’m a kapha-pitta body with a vata mind. In terms of diet needs this means I do best with warm foods-especially in winter, no wheat and very little dairy. I already feel healthy and well so it will be exciting to see how my mood and energy changes over the next four weeks.

My assumption is that I’ll feel more alive, less sluggish, more at peace, less prone to depressed thoughts. It’s possible that I may experience detox symptoms at first, leading to increased sluggishness and depression. The great thing about the month long challenge is that I am committing to a time based approached rather than results based approach. If I feel worse at first, I’ll still have time to experience the positive results later on (I’m assuming).

Cheers to happy and healthy start to 2011!




4 thoughts on “Monthly Challenge: January

  1. Grandma says:

    I know that whatever puts you in total control of yourself, inner and outer, is sure to be good for you. Enjoy your challenge dear one. You tempt me greatly to follow at least part of your example. Be well. May the New year be one that brings you saisfaction in every area. I love you Grandma

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