Things I Love Thursday: 1-6-11

This has been an emotional week (per usual me thinks) and its so nice to feel the strength of the New Year momentum behind me.

The top of my list this week is spending quality time with my girls – my volunteer (and intern!) friends at Kripalu as the term wound down and many departed for other adventures. What started out as a generally easy going evening with (above l-r) Kerry, Olga, Emma and me turned into a cuddle puddle love fest…


Maren and Angela jumped onto the bed with us…

…and then Ryan jumped in (quite literally after he set the self-timer)! What a line-up!


Other things that made me grin this week:

New Year’s morning on the frozen lake…beginning my 25 for 25 …Deep cleaning the House (really, it feels amazing to live in a uber-clean kitchen again!)…the spotless fridge…Finishing my reading schedule on time (one per week!)…feeling totally inspired…Marsha’s comment…hanging out with the CEO all afternoon…St. Germaine pear martinis…finding beautiful red leather gloves in perfect condition and making them mine…Walking to Lenox early in the morning under a falling blanket of snow…Receiving snail mail from California…co-organizing the first meeting of the brand-new intern community…coffee dates with Olga…waking up before dawn every day this year…these FINSK shoes…making birthday plans…planning for visitors…and lastly:


Happy Birthday to Lauren!

There are few people with the spirit, spunk, and sparkle that Lauren commandeers. This woman is an inspiration, a delight, a force, a beauty, a deep soul, a goofball, a thinker, a confidant, and I feel so lucky to be her friend and office mate. I love you, Lauren!





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