Things I Love Thursday: 1-27-11

Somehow, despite the creeping feeling that January is actually composed of 4 days that suddenly disappeared, mucho love and gratitude has been packed into this wintry month. Last week was certainly no exception. I finally uploaded some photos that I’ve been meaning to post and so what better time than now to share what’s recently captured my heart and attention?

First of all, have I told you recently how much I love my friends here? I think I’m overdo…Well, they are amazing! And it’s been especially rewarding becoming closer with Brian, my co-RA (in the middle). Brian, you’re so compassionate and thoughtful yet you’re often hilarious and say the darndest things! I really enjoy watching you make Emma laugh uncontrollably…

And Kerry is coming to visit in a few days! This is for her: ……WOO! (Index finger hoisted in the air with urgency and intentionality).

One of my great loves about working and living at Kripalu is the chance to walk to work from my little room on the hill just as the sun rises. It makes for some beautiful pictures of course – and more than that, it reminds me of miracles, possibilities, fresh starts, hopes, dreams, expectations, delights, love, and gratitude. Thank you Universe for creating such a delicious way to start the day!

Snow, snow, snow. This will be the view for the next oh, reallylongtime. It’s my first full winter living in/with snow and I can happily report I’ve made in through January without any problems (lucky for me I don’t have to shovel it EVER – thanks grounds crew!). Last night another snow flurry fell and apparently this is just the beginning… But isn’t it pretty??

I love what I do at Kripalu. Maybe it’s because what I do matters, impacts others, and is much needed in this world. And maybe it’s because I have THE BEST co-workers in the entire world. I don’t need to know everyone in the world to claim this title – I know these folks, and that’s enough for me to be sure.

I hope you have an impressively fun weekend everyone 🙂




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