Passion: That thing you do instinctively… what magazines do you read? what kinds of TV shows do you delight in? what blogs do you follow? what do you do with a free couple of hours? what kind of people are you surrounded by?

Taking stock of the ‘particles’ of your life – the people places and things that occupy you and your time can help you determine what it is that the authentic You is urging you towards.

Pleasure: That which brings you the most joy… what values do you hold? what made-up rules do you live by? what do you celebrate? what inspires you? what would you do if you could do anything? what do you want to be when you grow up?

Pleasure seeking is not just for the Dionysus among us. It is the ultimate experience of divinity – something intimate and ordinary and uniquely human. This is life and what could be more holy? These are the pleasures that bring us to the internal certainty that though we don’t have a clue where we’re journeying, we know we’re on an adventure, we’re meant for this experience, and we’re on the right path. We can experience this kind of pleasure in the material world through our jobs and community as well as in the transcendent internal world of our thoughts and feelings.

Purpose: What you’re called to now… What do you take great joy in accomplishing? (This is a hit-the-nail-on-the-head-x-marks-the-spot clue to what what you’re meant to be doing). If your only job is to be you this lifetime, what is it that the greater You wants to do?

Callings are a funny thing. Sometimes you don’t hear the call the first time. Maybe you miss the call altogether and another one catches you attention. Your purpose is fluid not fixed. Don’t let this scare you into believing its not important. You are constantly being called to something greater but you’ll only hear about the next step. And then the next step and then the next. So if you miss a right turn somewhere, never fear! You’ll be called back to the path. And every step is the “right” one anyway… đŸ˜‰

Passion + Pleasure = Purpose.

Live into it, yes?





*Photos by The Satorialist


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