A Quarter Century Celebrated: Thoughts & Pictures from my 25th Birthday!

Turning 25 is a milestone. A quarter century lived, stepping fully into adulthood, gaining the ability to rent cars…

Here’s a peek into how I celebrated my 25th landmark…

First party: The Red Lion Inn to listen to Steven perform. We took up the whole place!

You already saw the excursion photos from Monday!

We went to Harney & Sons for tea in New York. Oh good times…

Next: Pool and drinks at The Heritage

Unfortunately, my camera battery died from so much use the night before and I didn’t notice until it was too late so I have only a couple photos from this night…on my phone… You can just pretend you saw the pictures. We were happy. It was fun 🙂

Last: Because my birthday was on a Tuesday, I was at work. Surprise! My friends arrived with a GORGEOUS vegan chocolate raspberry ganache cake and sang happy birthday. we picnicked in the office (since Tuesday is also the day the snow storm decided to arrive) and talked about everything. I love this crew so much – and their genuine affection is the true gift. Did I mention the cake was homemade by Angela and Emma?? They rock.

Bonus: Open Mic night! The volunteer and intern community is so talented. It’s fun to be a part of this community. Especially when most of our events turn into spontaneous dance marathons!


Thanks for reviewing my day with me! May this year be made of miracles for you too…





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