February Challenge: Hot Lips!!!

Red Lipstick:

Make-up for a change

As you may recall, for each month in 2011 I’m challenging myself to try something new that will push me to a new edge.

When I pondered on February’s challenge the month appeared red in my mind’s eye. After January’s food related challenge I wanted something completely different than the standard self-help routine that’s common in the yoga centered world.

Red I though…red…and then…Red lipstick!

Background: Yes, I was the kid that spent hours with a palette of eye shadow creating masterpiece after masterpiece…on my face. There must be a highly wired neuro-net  in my brain for this kind of thing. 😉

There’s just something about those red lips! How fun to have a whole month assigned to playing with this medium. Frivolous? Perhaps. For me, there’s something more…

Full disclosure: though I do wear make-up frequently, I never wear anything on my lips other than a good chapstick. Lipstick is a foreign country – entirely new territory and something I’ve always wanted to explore. Why, you ask? Well, think about it…what kind of woman wears red lipstick? In my mind this woman is so very lady like. Who could pull off something so bold? She has intrepidity and spunk.  This woman knows her limits and hold her boundaries fiercely. She takes care of her needs. She is well respected.

Who would I have to step into to make this look work for me? How would I behave differently? If it changes my actions, what else could it change? My thoughts? My mood? My relationships?! I’m so curious to find out!

And so: Day 1 – so far so good! Lots of compliments received.  I thought briefly of not reapplying it after lunch when I had to speak in front of 100 yoga teachers for work but I kept it on and I’m glad I did. I was conscious of my look the whole time but it was fun to be different and explore the feelings of “being seen” in a new way.  You might surmise that one who is on the path of revealing her “truer” self would want to remove the layers, including make-up. Yet, I have an intuitive hit that something can be revealed by stepping into an image that requires an extra dose of courage and sass. Oooh fun!!



*Photos by Jamie Beck in collaboration with What I Wore


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