The Week in Pictures: Snow and a Super Bowl

This week was…

Music, missions, cuddles, cries, laughs, loud noises! Snow falls and white outs, long drives and tea times. Tarot cards and warm kale salads, coffee dates and dinner dates…

Leaving the House in the morning.

Olga and I are Darjeeling obsessed. Truth.

I adore this photo Ryan took of me in the snow. And I can’t wait to hang more of his photography (birthday gift)!

It’s a lipstick jungle out there…

Monica and Kate at Monica’s house. Party central.

Pete’s Super Bowl ‘fit was stylin’. When all you got in yellow is a skirt, the Packers are still worth it 😉

My peeps and Ryan peepin’.

A personal fav.

Haven’s deceptively sweet date-nut bar. A birthday surprise at work. LOVE.

A day’s hardware. Notice the new iTouch. Yup 🙂

4:00pm view. Best seat in the house.


This weekend is packed with goodness. Hope yours is stellar too!




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