Things I Love Thursday: 2-17-11

When it Rains, It Pours!

Theme of the week. Nothing came at me in moderation; I’m still unpacking the whats, hows, whys of what happened. Of course, love & gratitude were a part of the deluge. See below for some major highlights and some fabulous/fun lowlights that graced my world this week…

Gypsy Lane: Venus in Wonderland! A large group of friends went to see the local burlesque troupe, Gypsy Lane, perform for Valentine’s Day. A few friends and Kripalu-ites were in the show and did an incredible job! Angela choreographed a seductive belly-dance that blew people away. I snuck a few photos!

Completing items from my 25 for 25 list! Over the weekend I checked off Meditating 21 minutes for 21 days and Raising a plant! Both events, hardly perfect in execution were completed nonetheless which made me incredibly proud. Mostly due to the hushing of the perfection gremlin. 😉

Doing in differently – Dating. Going on dates. Speaking my mind (well, continuing to practice saying whats true in the moment). Going on more dates. DATING. Reading about the hook-up culture in Unhooked by Laura Sessions Stepp of the Washington Post. Checking in with what I want. Checking in again. Reading, writing, reflecting. And getting results.

Other loves: Dinner with Sage on Tuesday night ♥ long check-in phone calls on the drive there and back ♥ seeing a magnificent ring around the moon! ♥ “balmy” winter weather ♥ bathing suits in the snow! ♥ chivalry ♥ kisses ♥ playing pool and almost winning ♥ discovering a delicious new local beer ♥ Hearing a live jazz trio ♥ Brunch with bloody mary’s ♥ odd jobs ♥ dreaming about the summer ♥ watching things manifest ♥ soulwork ♥ looking forward to my Grouse tribe ♥ giving hugs again ♥ breaking my reading fast and being gifted new books ♥ making plans ♥ getting work projects done quickly ♥ Top 5 lists  ♥ My Madeleine Peyroux Pandora station and how it suddenly started playing The Pogues. ♥ Watching Gala walk the runway at Betsey Johnson (via livestream…one day I’ll be there in person!) ♥ shoe lust ♥ This lady:




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