March Challenge: Using the Emotional Freedom Technique…on everything!

This month, my challenge is to use EFT also known as Emotional Freedom Technique, Meridian Tapping, or just tapping, on EVERYTHING. Or nearly so.

EFT is a simple and effective way at unblocking the body’s energy flow through a combination of acupressure and psychology. The best explanation for EFT I’ve found comes from a friend of a friend of a friend’s website which you can view here. More information about EFT can be found on the website started by EFT’s founder, here.

Last month there was an EFT World Summit in which some of the top practitioners shared their insight. The results and feedback have been astounding. Everybody’s into it! Even Gala of has a fantastic list of tips from her experience with EFT. Find that list o’mania here.

I can’t explain enough how much EFT has helped me in the past and I am so excited for what’s going to shift this month with so much more moving energy.

Go on, no one’s watching…give it a try! Let me know what you think!





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