Things I Love Thursday: 3-17-11 Happy St. Patty’s Day!

♥ Breakfast at Kripalu. Always and forever.

♥ Tuesday nights at the Mission

♥ New blog obsessions

♥ Gianormous swap today!

♥ Running outside again. Even in the snow!

♥ Text messages. In general. And especially from my mom.

♥ Online ordering with Amazon Prime. Thank you, Amazon, for the immediate gratification (tomorrow!!).

♥ Jesse Luke and Ryan somehow gloriously managing to find a solution to my broken computadora (new whatever-it-was-I-need is on its way from the online computer store warehouse-eden.

♥ Waking up extra early not-on-purpose but making it a purposeful morning

♥ Roller skating birthday parties!! Yes I roller skated my little tushie off. Even participated in the Hokey Pokey, the limbo, and won a bat ring for my skills hoola hooping while on skates. The 9 year old in me was well satisfied.

♥ Chocolate-peanut-butter-purple-green-polka-dotted-feathered cake… no words.

♥ Hearing updates on Nicole’s holiday outfit. Elf Ears! Tutus! Bling! (It’s gonna be fantastic I tell you)…

♥ Capturing my camera back from its lonely isolation in my office all weekend.

♥ Cristie 🙂

♥ Office meetings, not in the office.

♥ Coffee from Haven. No comparison, the best.

♥ And I’ll end where I started… Breakfast. But this time from Haven…TWICE this week! I’m a lucky girl with a full belly.


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