What I’m going to miss when I eventually leave

via Isado

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Here’s a little green from Japan for the holiday. (I know, I know – it’s an Irish holiday, yadda yadda, but Japan is on my mind. Go with it.)

What do you call nostalgia that hasn’t even happened yet? Whatever that feeling is, it just came over me and I can’t stop thinking about what I’m going to miss about my space before I’ve even left yet…

So, as a special addition to Things I Love Thursday here’s a list that makes me smile again and again…

♥ The way the zero sticks on my phone from the time I spilled coffee on it while installing my monitor stand

♦ Cristie untangling my phone cord because she is my fairygodmotherboss

♣ Morning check-ins before the phone calls begin but after the email has been scanned

♥ The view from my desk. (Hands down best seat in the house.)

♦ Hootenany at the Dream Away is back! Nothin’ like  a hootin’ and a hollarin’ with the crew alll night long.

♣ Spicy mint chutney. You’ve been there forever chutney, why is this the first time I’ve eaten you? You are DELICIOUS! So glad you are now a part of my meal repertoire.

♥ And while we’re on the topic of food – Kale, you are my most favorite in the who world. Thanks for being green and curly and loving me back with your essential goodness.

♦ How the new volunteers become the old volunteers when they begin to complain.

♣ Monk’s Pond and the Stockbridge Bowl aka lake

♥ Finding greeting cards that have 4 woman/girls on the cover and naming each one Nicole, Lauren, Marsha and Natanya.

♦Tuesday open mic nights at the Mission and Deb’s studio in Housatonic. So random! So fun!

♣ Blogging on my lunch break…hee

Since I’m all pre-nostalgic for the Berkshires and it’s St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a little Dropkick Murpheys State of Massachusetts to get you in the mood!




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