Things I Love Thursday: 5-12-11

Miss James of Bleubird Vintagesource: bleubird vintage

♥ All the excitement of Spring in full swing

♥ Laying in the grass watching the clouds with nothing to do

♥  Work “meetings” at Chocolate Springs with some of my favorite people in the whole world. oh, and the chocolate. And hilarious  stories. And Vandita’s legs. 🙂

♥  Kripalu’s “home improvements.” That’s what I’m calling the new & nearly completed grape arbor (which will be a magical summer spot for picnics, trysts, and trysts that involve picnics).

♥ Hunter Hayes. His new single Storm Warning is stuck in my head.

At first listen I thought he was too polished to be the real deal. Probably a well crafted product of the country-pop machine, I thought. But then I saw this…

Ya, that’s Hunter when he was 4 years old playing in front of 200,000. Self taught too. Just…wow. His music now serves as a reminder of the power of human potential and limitless ability when we follow our bliss. God bless him.

♥ Reflecting on what I truly want next

♥ Finding ever more lovely blogs to add to my Google reader

Pinterest. Haven’t heard of it yet? It’s a website for digital vision boarding (you know, Like collaging but without the scissors and glue). If you’re curious what I mean check out the link to see my boards. Just be warned – you will become addicted.

♥ Coffee.

♥ Using my awesome logic skills to make the ridiculous totally reasonable.

♥ Reading The Secret Teachings of Plants and the War of Art and am deliriously inspired up to my elbows.

That’s all folks! Check back next week for another dose of this crazy cozy love list!



(as always…this post was inspired by the blogger extraordinaire, Gala Darling, and her delightful TiLT lists…)


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday: 5-12-11

  1. Hello fellow TILTer (I was bored and searched for it on WordPress since Gala hasn’t put up hers yet!) does chocolate make work meetings bearable? Maybe I’ll bring some next week to my own work :]

    1. Natanya Green says:

      Hi Abby! Great to have you here. I love your pet themed TiLT 🙂 The work meetings are actually pretty fun anyway (you know the boss has to be cool if she plans a meeting at a chocolate boutique!) But chocolate in general makes for a happy staff and a happy staff makes for happy clients and customers – definitely bring some to work!

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