What’s in my bag…

I love these “What’s in my bag?” posts – probably because its something you would never see in real life. I remember a Boy Meets World re-run where Shawn steals his girlfriend’s purse in an effort to discover if she’s cheating on him and Corey is horrified that he would take a peek inside no matter what the circumstance. This was verified by a guy friend from college who once told me he would never ever EVER look in a woman’s purse (by strict order from his mother).

I think it’s fun to see what’s hiding in people’s pockets and purses (and important enough to be toted around all day!). Some examples of other bloggers’ bags: here and here.

Whats in my bagleather purse – thrifted;   office key (when not being photographed it hangs by the band on the outside of my purse so I can open the door quickly without digging in my bag for the key while standing awkwardly at the door = best idea ever);   wallet – thrifted;   sunglasses and case – thrifted;   black moleskine weekly planner (so far my favorite planner on the market);   temporary replacement cell phone (antennae not shown ;));   Burt’s Bees lip shimmer in Rhubarb;   Kripalu pen;   yellow marker (used as a highlighter);   pink moleskine notebook;   Secret Teachings of Plants by Stephen Harrod Buhner (blowing my mind right now);   checkbook;   Nubian Heritage coconut & papaya vanilla hand cream (smells like summer);   Tea Tree Oil Australian Chewing Sticks (better than mints);   and a hair clip.


2 thoughts on “What’s in my bag…

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