Things I Love Thursday: Haircut, open mic, and a mysterious mist

Hi All!

Another week of goodness coming your way today. Most importantly this week I got my hairs cut and I love that small changes made a big impact. Bangs people, I’m talking bangs.

haircut♥ I also found the most amazing esthetician in the greater Berkshires. I couldn’t believe my luck – I could go on and on but the details are for another kind of conversation. We’ve made hiking plans to visit magic meadows and trails that made by trolls. Can’t wait.

♥ My new room organization is pretty much the best thing that has happened all month. I’m more happy, productive, and I’m sleeping better. And best of all I can look out the window and listen to the rain while laying in bed.

♥ A latte from Haymarket made the parking ticket worth it.


♥ Tuesday night = Open Mic night. I buzzed my friend Seth and found out he would be playing (he’s amazing!) and met up with my Pittsfield crew Jeff and Kyle. Besides Seth’s set there were a few other performers that blew me away including a djimbe drummer who looked like he just stepped out of filming a scene from ultimate fighter.

Seth rocking out

Seth on stage♥ As I was driving back from Northampton I passed through the most amazing fog I’ve seen in a while. It was dense with beads of soft moisture and light. The picture doesn’t do it justice…


♥ Other small but not so insignificant loves: meetings where I make a mess and the learning that comes from cleaning it up. Stepping into being a better leader, creating a new job for myself (cross your fingers!), yoga mornings and rainy nights, movies, chocolate!, feeling on the path, inviting in the anxiety that comes with change…

There’s going to be a lot going on in the next couple weeks. And I’ll be here to share lots of the good news on the way 😉 I’m just assuming.




2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday: Haircut, open mic, and a mysterious mist

  1. Nice bangs! I’m glad you clarified that you got your hairs cut, because it does appear you got most all of them cut. Also, impressive coping with the parking ticket. Those can be tricky :). I usually just think of it as a donation to the city.

    1. Natanya Green says:

      I think of it that way too! When I see a nice clean sidewalk I like to say to myself, “I paid for that.” AND it was only a $10 ticket – I was expecting at least $40 (because I’m used to Sacramento prices??) and so I was unexpectedly pleasantly surprised!

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