Things I Love Thursday: Facebook, Unicorns and Jay-Z

Not loving that my this guy is leaving soon but I do love that I have documented memories like this one. High Five!

Nature Though I’m waiting expectantly for the sunshine to make its big appearance this week, I have LOVED the return of the majestic cloud formations I have come to adore in the Berkshires. The drama of the robust white clouds, the setting sun over the purple hills, and the navy blue horizon is breathtaking and reminds me that I’m home.

Long Walks Having my pal around to listen to me  and help me figure out my stuff. Thanks for being an ear and a shoulder even when you won’t tell me what’s in my teeth. So glad I get to amuse you all summer.

Guitar groovin’ I got (borrowed) a guitar..shout yay! Now it only needs a new string, a lil loving up and we’re in business!

Facebook (I know, right?) For those random messages that speak to just the right spot in my heart and remind me that the Universe will use any method necessary to reach me.

Plans Even when I break them and have to make them anew. The best kind of anticipation.

SUNSHINE I assume that due to years working indoors during the summer months I am most definitely vitamin D deficient. Yesterday I soaked up the sun for a good hour and felt the serotonin rush. Mmm…dopamine 🙂 Good for the body, good for the soul.

Seeing Jay-Z!! Ok, well the white Jewish version… It was so fun to have  Josh Z. in town from the other coast even if it was for only an afternoon. Nothing like Jew camp memories and temple youth group antics to bring me back…

me and Josh
we went swimming
and walked the labyrinth
the trail up from the lake


Little Loves: Vivid dreams, hikes to monk’s pond, Daniel Vitalis at Kripalu, playing Apples to Apples, having the most amazing crew in the Berkshires, new haircut compliments, feeling complete trust in the Universe, feeling beautiful inside and out, lunch dates, coaching regularly, kirtan, “Twinkin!”, unicorns in emails, watching movies in bed, finally getting a new footboard for my bed (thanks facilities crew!), 2-hour lunch breaks, 2-hour check-ins, wine tasting at Brix, “first we were playing with fire…now we’re eating it!” For reading this far you get an extra bonus..My new favorite song (on endless repeat in my office). Click the title to play ↓


Faces – Ooh La La

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend! I’m going CAMPING! Can’t wait. I’ll definitely have photos next week 🙂




6 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday: Facebook, Unicorns and Jay-Z

    1. Natanya Green says:

      Yes! Yes! I LOVE that game. A big group of us played at Thanksgiving (we didn’t have the actual game so we just made up our own categories) and it was a total riot. I Love simple games like those that help you get to know your friends even better. Plus the laughing – oh, so good.

  1. Aww thanks for the inspirational post! Reminds me I have to get out into nature more… I feel like I’m strapped to my computer for work so much I forget what sunshine is LOL… good luck with the guitar playing! I ❤ music! 🙂

  2. Lynsey Landry says:

    I miss the Krip :0) Thanks for all your Blogs Natanya and keeping us up to date on the magical place. Even through pictures it never losses it’s beauty or magic :0) Love and Light!!!

    1. Natanya Green says:

      Thanks Lynsey! You’re making me think some more pictures of this beautiful Berkshire spring are in order 😉

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