My first ever ‘Big Ass Pig Roast’

Disclaimer: This is a picture heavy post. Enjoy!

Picture it. Memorial Day Weekend. Sun, fun, and three giant pigs.

When my friend called to tell me about the event I thought of my family rolling over in their Jewish graves as I participated in what I imagined to be a weekend of utter debauchery. I saw hundreds of campers transform from their mild daytime personas to wild savage dancers circling a rotating pig on a spit a la Lord of the Flies. Poor Piggy.

So of course I went.

For a decade now New York state residents and other nearby friends have gathered in Walton, NY for a weekend of camping, drinking and eating. It turned out to be less wild frat partying and more relaxed socializing. I had a blast. Between the gorgeous environment, the flowing kegs, the swimming pond, the new friends, it was a weekend to remember. Oh ya, and the GIANT bonfire and real roasting were cool too 😉

Best enjoyed with a crew of friends and a large appetite.

Big Ass Pig Roast t-shirt
BAPR T-shirt from a past year
Giant bonfire
Giant wood pile for the night's bonfire
Jeff and friends
Jeff (acting a fool!) and friends
Playing a game of Cornhole (aka get the beanbag through the hole in the board)
Nails. A drinking game I learned involving a stump, a hammer and a box of nails. 'Nuff said for now...
fire coals
Making coals for the pig roasting
When you go camping with an ultimate frisbee team you know there's going to be some disc throwing going on
card table
Evenings were spent playing Euchre (cards) around the awesome camping table. Also - public service announcement: Wickles pickles (second from left) are spicy and delicious and you should go buy yourself some now. You can thank me later.
Giant bonfire
Remember that wood pile? Now a giant bonfire!
watching the fire
Watching the bonfire burn. Nature's first TV!
Bonfire light show
The chocolate for the smores melted so we ate it like toothpaste
At breakfast at a local diner we saw a group of civil war re-enactors. Fresh from a morning battle?
After breakfast we went swimming in a private pond. Diving off the ramp was so refreshing!
Lunch straight from the keg.
The afternoon was spent cooling off in the creek next to the campsite
"Pete! What's so funny?"
Josh - showing off his growing beer belly!
pig roast
They used a tractor to remove the roasted pigs from the ground
The roasted pigs had been wrapped in banana leaves, burlap, tin foil, and chicken wire - this made them extra moist and tender and easy to pull.
empty chairs
Empty creek during dinner in the big tent
pig cupcake
Dessert - a pirate piggy cupcake!

Best part of the weekend was checking into a B&B on Saturday night before a treacherous thunderstorm hit the campsite and listening to the lightening, thunder and pouring rain from my cozy bed 🙂

All in all, if you ever find yourself hankering from some pulled pork on Memorial Day on the East Coast, do check out the Big Ass Pig Roast. You won’t be disappointed!




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