Beneath My Layers…

Preface: This weekend in my yoga teacher training I was honored to experienced an hour long OSHO meditation; ripe with body movement, body awareness, breath concentration, and integration. What came from this experience is written below. I don’t feel that I wrote these words but rather they came from an involuntary expression of the experience through my body and mind. To whom do these words belong then? I don’t think it matters. My hope in sharing them is that something of the ancient eternity they came from resonates within you, and awakens you just the same.


I was reborn. I was reborn. Released. I released. I was released. I am a gift. I was gifted. I am alive. I am living I am young and old, red black yellow and white. I am smooth and rough and worn. I am shaking, pulsating red blood round…oozing. I am tall tree green bright sunshine white. I am dead yet I hear life’s beat. The rhythm awake in me. From me. I am easeful graceful like water flow river strong wave crashing recedes. Breath air pulse fire breath. Wandering wondering. Mind journeys. Like a rider on the back of a wide gray elephant. I am cleansed, purified, electrified, renewed. This was the only time, the first time. But and I have been here before. Wild awake pulse shifts aware. Stretching dancing waves sweat drip shake. Demon voices arise from caverns below. Skin, bones. Demon voices purged. Gorged. Bulge from beating chest…arise. Arise! Gifted. A release of bright golden light – transcends particulars. Awaken to Self. Holy union of One in all. Life itself. To be young and fresh. To be aged with wisdom of eternity. There was never a not knowing only a turning away. Keep turning, keep turning life is motion. Eventually you will arrive home. Welcome home. Welcome home impatience. Welcome home thoughtfulness, welcome home explanation. Welcome home hatred. Welcome home at last. You are. So grateful. Alive. A life. At last. Breath. Om.




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