Things I Love Thursday: Friday Edition!

I imagine those of you who have gotten in the habit of reading these TILT were disappointed yesterday when there was no new update. I want to use the excuse that I was consumed with final preparations for the yoga teacher training graduation and celebration but I won’t. I’ll just update a day late!

Certainly though the YTT stands at the top of the list in terms of things I love this week (beside’s Jen’s visit which is incomparable). YTT has been my whole life for the past 12 days (part 1 was in April) and I’m just beginning to unpack all the learning, awakening, and transforming I’ve done (and am doing). Here are some highlights that rocked my week:

♥ Devarshi and Sudha’s humor – a comedy dream team! ♥ Devarshi’s late arrival story ♥ “Not all of us swing both ways” ♥ Rainstorms ♥ Listening to the feelings in my gut and making space for what I used to push away ♥ Efficient emotional processing at lunchtime with the Dude ♥ Devarshi’s kapalabhati face! ♥ Spending 4-5 minutes in the cold dip almost every day (FREEEeezing!) ♥ Receiving a postcard from Paris (Thanks David!!) ♥ California dreamin’…♥ Making progress on stuff that used to take me weeeeks ♥ Editing my closet (getting rid of stuff is awesome, the remaining pile is more ME). ♥ Long hair (ish) ♥ Passing away time at the Patisserie ♥  Hallway hugs from my girls (Can’t wait to actually SEE you again Mac, Alex, and Olga!) ♥ Picture messaging with Mom ♥ Watching Holly learn how to listen to her voicemail on her new iPhone ♥ Manifesting a new iPhone ♥ Peace pipe ceremony with Tim ♥ Real tobacco. Omg. ♥ Snuggling with Jen and laughing so hard I had to tell myself to be quiet ( I am the RA after all) ♥ Free coffee – thanks to the woman who works in the cafe with the red hair and glasses whose name I forget in this moment ♥ Talking to my Pops at the cabin ♥ Danny’s playlists everyday ♥ Head stand and forearm stand progress! ♥ Vagina Monologue rehearsal ♥ Yoga in general ♥ “Anilom Shalom” ♥ The
YTT graduation ceremony ♥ And last but not least… ♥ Dancing to Raise Your Glass with my classmates:

Happy Father’s Day Weekend! Hope where you are is sunny and warm!




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