Things I Love Thursday: 6-23-11

Congratulations Mikail on your graduation from high school. I remember you as a wee one, a fiesty little kid, wait…you were never little. I remember when you out grew me and I remember lots of laughs and pranks and time in nature. You have a huge heart and bright future. I am so lucky to be your aunt!! I love you ūüôā

Other little loves this week…

Leah’s pictures of my nephew’s graduation¬†‚ô•Root Beer ‚ô• Solstice Celebration at the Enchanted Cottage¬†‚ô• Fire Ceremony¬†‚ô• Nadi Shodhana daily practice¬†‚ô• 5 min in the cold dip!¬†‚ô• An evening out with Jess and Sara when I needed support¬†‚ô• Grouse Tribe weekend anticipation¬†‚ô• Job opportunities¬†‚ô• Acknowledging that sitting in the fire takes guts¬†‚ô• Acknowledging that I have guts ūüôā¬†‚ô• Feeling blessed + blissed¬†‚ô• Having a perfect summer weekend¬†‚ô• Making plans with Peggy!¬†‚ô• Costume brainstorming¬†‚ô• Falling asleep to the sound of rainfall¬†‚ô• Bumping into Rye Rye at 6:45 am on the mansion lawn¬†‚ô• A productive workday¬†‚ô• A lazy workday¬†‚ô• picnic lunch in the park¬†‚ô• Bar hopping¬†‚ô• Shedding books to make packing lighter¬†‚ô• Journaling again¬†‚ô• Showing unconditional love towards myself¬†‚ô• “Just remember: BRFWA!”¬†‚ô• Amaretto + ginger ale¬†‚ô•¬† Molly’s mini cheesecakes…

Have a wonderful week friends.




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