Things I Love Thursday: 7-14-11

Magnolia Red Velvet cupcake

Holy moly.  There’s so much being shmooshed into this month. I’m sorta dazed with a hangover of fun.  It doesn’t leave much time for blogging which I sadly, regret… I hate regrets. So let’s fix it shall we? Yes, let’s. Little loves over the past two weeks were many, here’s just a drizzle for your Thursday pleasure…

a whole weekend at the beach (um, I think I can call myself tan now! This is huge). lol ♥ day trip to NYC with Alex ♥ cupcakes for breakfast, cupcakes for lunch ♥ hibiscus margaritas with cayenne salt…drool ♥  Banana Republic’s new line based on the fashion of Mad Men…ahem, drool ♥ Video postcard! ♥ Adele’s 21 (thanks Nicole!!) ♥ Mixes from Mike ♥ the marvelous James Taylor concert in the shed ♥ fireworks display on the lawn ♥ opening a wine bottle with my bare hands…ok, not really but with the combination three pairs of hands, one pair of scissors, one nail clipper, and something else…I can’t remember exactly, but it was epic. Oh the things we do for the love of grapes. ♥ date night with my Olga 😉 ♥ finding new blogs to adore ♥ Alex’s visit ♥ Studio 54 dance party at the Haven. Hilarious! ♥ margarita’s at Firefly…and the shenanigans that went down at the bar…my bad, hehe ♥ How it can be sunny and rain at the same time ♥ Ridiculous Berkshire summer weather ♥ space cowboy outfit ♥ texts to Molly with only the most important of news ♥ brainstorming costuming with Nicole for the Superhero & Supervillain party tomorrow ♥ The graceful and demanding Tree of Life ♥ The PSC concert ♥ having a plan ♥ getting my camera back in the mail (thanks Jen!) ♥ my new straw fedora (thanks, Alex!) ♥ Long talks and long walks ♥ SoCo’s Elvis ice cream…and for that matter, SoCo’s malted coffee stout ice cream too ♥ Spending a night out in Saratoga Springs ♥ Getting lost and finding my way anyway ♥ emails that make me smile all day ♥ driving 5 mph so I can watch the beautiful New York sunset over the water  ♥ this thought ♥ Coming to terms with the idea that I have all that I want already. It’s a rocky road – but kinda sweet, like the ice cream… ♥ Here’s a couple of favs for your weekend jams: a slow one and a dance-y one. Hope you stand up and sway or stand up and swing!

The end…and um..yum!

All done





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