Weekend mini-adventures

Fun weekend with friends, old and new. There was the cowboy hat and the silver leggings. The Studio 54 dance and the margaritas. The cupcakes and little kids, the baseball brawl and the train ride home. I love weekend mini-adventures! {I apologize for the poor lighting and slightly blurry photos… but you get the “picture”… har har.}

Natanya_Olga_Hannah_atFireflyMe, Olga and Hannah – a belated celebration of Olga’s birthday!

Elyse_atFireflyElyse. Before the margarita.. 😉

Mackenzie_atFireflyMackenzie! Making the face!

Baseballbrawl_atFireflyWe must have watched this a million times.

Alex_Natanya_atStudio54Alex and I playing it cool. ‘Cuz we are.

Pete_Natanya_atStudio54We call this duo “Space Cowboy!”

Hannah_Mackenzie_atStudio54Hannah and Mackenzie after dancing all night at Studio 54.

Littlekids_atNYCKids cooling off in the New York heat.

Jori_Alex_atNYCAlex chasing after her old babysitting charge, the adorable Jori (in pink).

Playground_atNYCMural at the park, Upper West Side.

Alex_atNYCCupcakes at Magnolia’s… Red Velvet for me, Hummingbird for Alex.

Natanya_atNYCOn the Upper East Side hanging with Katie!!

Hibiscus_margarita_atNYCHibiscus margarita on the Upper West Side.

Alex_Natanya_atNYCMaking the face of the guy in the ad behind us.

Hope you’re planning something wild for this weekend!

This evening I’m off to a Taylor Mali performance with my Olga, followed by a super hero/super villain extravaganza tomorrow night. Before that there are plans for a looong hike, an amazing view, and quality time with my pal.

Can’t wait!




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