California dreamin’…

Second Saturday in Midtown Sacramentophoto credit: my favorite Sacramento photographer, Nicholas Wray

And so, the countdown to Cali begins. Counting down the days by numbering the things/people/places in California I can’t wait to do/see/be…

14. coffee from the Naked Coffee Lounge / Old Soul / Tupelo / Mishka’s

13. Second Saturday in midtown Sacramento (see photo above!)

12. rafting down the American River

11. attending farmer’s markets in Sac and Davis (probably the best in the country 😉 ).

10. being with my family

9. visiting San Diego??

8. pizza and gelato from Hot Italian

7. movies at the Crest / the Bradshaw drive-in / Fremont Park

6. visiting friends in the City

5. shabbat dinner at my grandparents’

4. hanging out with long-not-so-lost friends in Sacramento

3. spending a well-deserved weekend at the cabin in Pinecrest

2. girls weekend with Molly and Jen

1. strolling through Davis all summer. and by strolling I mean studying. aka retrieving that little piece of f*ing paper that somehow got lost in the system and is rightfully mine. phew.

Hey, 2 weeks to go!




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