Hello from California!

photo: Nicholas Wray

First day back in Sacramento. The sun is shining brightly, the sky is blue and clear and I am feeling very well rested thanks to a new tempur-pedic mattress pad on my old bed. I got up this morning, did my yoga practice, made a cup of tea, read an O Magazine my mom had saved me (she knows me so well) and watched a bit of an old western, Snowfire, because TV is now a novelty and worth watching at 8am.

Next up for the weekend is going to shul at Mosaic Law (haven’t been there in forever and melodic prayer feels like the perfect way to re-center on an early Saturday morning), then spending time with my adorable grandparents, prepping for classes that start Monday at UC Davis (notebooks! pens! bookbag!), and beginning my new social media internship by plotting a social media strategy for Bella Luna Yoga Company and the Caribbean Yoga Conference.

Maybe ending with a visit with a friend at my favorite local coffee spot and a stop at the California State Fair which ends Sunday. Ah, California…

Wish you were here with me! How about a little musical love to hold you over?




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