Things I Love Thursday: 8-4-11

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Oh Holy Beautiful Shoe Store –  Can you imagine? Dark painted walls and wood floors –  the only light coming from individual cubes filled with glorious shoes. Kind of like Heaven? Yes. I am devouring these images from the new United Nude flagship store in London and trying not to drool on my keyboard.

I’m also loving reconnecting with some very, very important people in my life. It’s hard to focus on school work these days when I would much rather be spending time with family and friends.

I’m so grateful for being surrounded by thoughtful, intelligent, fun, kind, loving people. And loyal blog readers!

Other little loves: Helpful airport staff ♥ Airport greetings with family ♥ Cheap textbook prices ♥ Coffee with Eve ♥ Walking around the UC Davis quad ♥ Twittering ♥ Coffee with Charlie ♥ Spending more time on social media learning ♥ Pinterest pinning  ♥ Coffee with Curtis ♥ Dinner with Rachel and Matt  ♥ Midnight in Paris ♥ Beers at De Vere’s ♥ 5-year plans ♥ Visiting with Molly and Kevyn ♥ Hot Italian pizza & gelato ♥ Attending the Music Circus ♥ Wine at the Shady Lady ♥ Wearing all black all week ♥ New earrings ♥  Time with mom ♥ Crazy high blog stats ♥ Planning a x-country trek!

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be in the sunshine at Pinecrest – hiking, beaching, eating, reading…can’t wait.




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