The weirdest thing I’ve ever found under my seat

As a public school student I have seen a great many things that don’t belong in the classroom under my desk or chair. Comic books, gum, trash, doodles, secret messages…

But last night’s find at the Sacramento Music Circus performance of Camelot took first prize for weirdest find.

It was intermission. Most everyone in the audience had hurried outside to buy a coffee or Merlino’s Freeze. My mom and I were still sitting in our seats chatting when I heard something small hit the floor. Though I didn’t have anything in my hand to drop, I figured I could help someone else who may not have noticed their loss. It was only after I picked up the gold button did I realize that I was holding someone’s gold capped tooth! It certainly wasn’t mine (they stopped using metal in dentistry long before I had my first cavity) and it certainly wasn’t my mother’s.

The best part was laughing ourselves into hysterics as we tried to find the words and courage to ask the neighboring patrons upon their return, “Excuse me, sir, but did you happen to just lose a tooth?”




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