Bedroom inspiration

I’m prepping to move into a  new place and space this fall. For fun I took a spin around Polyvore and put together a small set of items that would be on my wishlist (if I had an unlimited budget and unlimited space in my car to transport furniture). The combination of serene robin’s egg blue and sensual mustard yellow makes me supremely happy. Oh ya, and I added in a gorgeous gold Marc Jacob’s watch. Because I’d rather wear Marc on my arm than on my wall… 😉

room inspiration

Urban Outfitters jewelry, $18
Marc by marc jacobs watch, $175
Madeline Chair, $349
PLASTICLAND – Inventor Panel Print Wall Art, $19
Velvet Tufted Headboard – Palm, $349
Gypsy Chandelier – Small, $79
Fun Mirrors –, $625


Of course I have every intention of sharing the decorating process and finished product! Polyvore and Pinterest are my favorite places for collecting inspiration online. If you’re interested you can follow what I find by clicking on the red button in the sidebar.



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