Life Lesson: 8-21-11: Preparedness

“It’s better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it.”


This was the theme of my week. Midterms took over my time and mental space. When I wasn’t studying, I was worried about studying. When I was studying, I was worrying about all the other life moments I was neglecting. I was finding balance only by teetering too far to either edge.

The phrase obviously applies in terms of preparedness. So how does it apply if you’re a busy blogger? How about a backlog of posts written in advance so I can update the blog automatically during times I know I will be busy! Better to have them and not need them…

After this last midterm I remembered how my friend Danny would tell me he’d study each week as if the midterm or final exam was on the following Monday ensuring that he’d be totally prepared for the test without needing to cram like everyone else at the last minute. Perparedness rules. Would have been nice to remembered that 3 weeks ago…

Who doesn’t want more time? This was beautifully (yet unfortunately) illustrated when I tried to pack too many visits into a 20 hour trip. I ended up cutting my time with friends short or not being able to see them at all. Not cool. I would have much rather had hours to spare than having to cancel a coffee date.

I’ve learned my lesson this week. Be prepared. Think ahead. (This is my thinking ahead by documenting what I learned so I won’t forget I learned it! 😉 )

Hope you are having a great weekend! Take an umbrella just in case, will you?




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