San Diego.

Made an impromptu visit to the south this weekend visiting family and bffl, Jen. It was a wonderful trip full of so much love and great memories. Bike riding, sleeping in, snuggling, laughing, gabbing, lounging, beaching, dancing, drinking, eating, playing, and shopping. I can’t wait to go back!

Took a bike ride to enjoy the perfect weather in South Park, San Diego.

Stopped at Rebecca’s, a local coffee house, for breakfast.

Rebecca’s store front.

Mmm… Muffin, scone and mugs of coffee.

Jen et moi.

On the way back we stopped at Jen’s favorite overlook.

Happy rider.

Later we lounged on the beach and met up with Jen’s friend Jackie for Mexican food. I’ve been missing great Mexican food in the Northeast–the little hole in the wall place we went to did the trick.

I just barely avoided a raccoon eyes tan. Grateful I got out of the sun just in time!

San Deigo, thanks for an awesome weekend  – I’ll be back soon!








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