Things I Love Thursday: 9-8-11

Natanya + dining room

Today is an exceptional Things I Love Thursday because…drumroll please… I graduate today!! [hollering in the background]. And this year its for real. Yes, yes a chapter has ended, as they say. It took 6…ahem…or maybe 7…years to get here – can you believe it? I can’t. But it’s real and it’s here…And thus begins my next journey & adventure! All I know is I’m heading eastward (to my job) and inward (to my life’s work). So far, this meandering path throughout the state of California by way of three different colleges has taught me to believe in my value, listen to my heart, be gracious to all whom I encounter, trust in the process, enjoy the small moments, and surrender to the present moment. I’m so grateful to have you along for this divine ride and I can’t wait to update you on what happens next. In the meantime, here are my little loves this week…

Lunch dates with Grandma 😉 ♥ Dreaming of buying a Vitamix instead of a winter coat…and realizing I’m a West Coast girl at heart. ♥ Green smoothies for breakfast ♥ Green smoothies for dinner ♥ Studying Latin American Music music in class and listening to the Cuban band, Buena Vista Social Club – a personal favorite! Also, just for fun I’ve posted video of one of their most famous songs below. Check out “Chan Chan,” I’m sure you’re going to love it. ♥ Using the GPS!!! (Kuperstein, you would be proud) ♥ San Franciscan fog ♥ Coffee date with Ophir-io ♥ “Beer packed full of fridge” ♥ Texts from my east coast lady lovasss ♥ Seeing the incredible Picasso exhibit at the De Young museum with Gabe. [I included a couple of my favorite pieces below]. PS Happy Birthday to Gabe today (25!) ♥ Game night at Elizabeth’s ♥ Scattergories domination! ♥ Annual IKEA trip with Molly ♥ $1 fro yo ♥ The “booze cruiser”! ♥ Rearranging furniture at odd hours…only to end with the furniture in the exact same place we started with ♥ Breakfast with Eve at Delta of Venus (If you’re ever there, get the Greek omelet. trust me). ♥ Manifesting my imagination to life ♥

The Kiss
The Kiss
Figures on the seashore
Figures on the seashore

Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan

We watched the above video of a couple little boys dancing the champeta in my anthropology class this week and I knew immediately I was going to have to share it with you. Check out those moves!!

Lastly, this heartfelt Improv Everywhere. Because it made me smile out loud…and I love that. 🙂




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