I’ve been considering necessity lately. As in the Internet. As in having Internet at my home. So far, I’ve gone nearly three weeks without access at home and I haven’t been swallowed up by boredom or other kinds of irrational behavior. On the contrary, I’ve spent time in the company of my bestest friends, gone to see live music, gone out to dinner, baked desserts, and explored my town and enjoyed myself immensely.

My desk job requires web connection and have easy access to it for personal use before and after work. I have to question, do I want to spend my non-work time at home on in front of the screen for another few hours each night? I know I’ll be tempted to check blogs, update my own, stalk on Facebook, and drool over ModCloth clothes…not really supportive of a productive and well-balanced life I imagine for myself.

So, do I pay extra for the ease of access? Do I go without?

This excerpt from the Minimalist blog helped shape my thinking recently: “When we go without, it forces us to question…”. I have to question, what would I need to use it for? Updating Twitter? I can do that from my phone. Check my email for something urgent? If it’s urgent I’ll get a phone call. Update my blog? (That’s productive right?) Wrong. I can write it on Word and update it later when I go somewhere with wi-fi. Speaking of which, I will finally have my “home office” at the local cafe like I always wanted and now it will be out of necessity.  See, Dad? I know the difference. 😉

It’s clear though that this question points to a larger endeavor for me. Reevaluating all my shit. I mean stuff. Yesterday I gave away a DVD I love but can order from Netflix. I pared my winter closet of long sleeve shirts I’ve kept for years because they are perfect for the season, but really, I hate the colors on me and dislike how I feel in them. Honestly, I’d rather wear the same black one three times in a week than switch it out for the pink floral and light blue ones (ugh, so not my colors). Someone else will love them and actually look good in them too!

I encourage you to think about it: what are you holding onto for the just-in-case moments, the what-if realities that have yet to become real? I’m human too, though, and it’s certainly a process. I mean, yes, I just gave away my prize from a poetry slam contest I won last year. But I kept my Homecoming Queen crown. Maybe one day a little princess I know will love to play dress up in it – but for now, so do I 😉 Maybe because I don’t have Internet and have to entertain myself instead! It helps that I haz a funny adorable cat too. Ha.




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