Things I Love Thursday: 10-6-11

First things first…

Happy Birthday, my dear Jen Morris!

…you are a rockstar among rockstars…May this day be a reminder of the bright light you shine to me and all the world. I love you dearly.

So much good loving happening in life recently…just take a look-see at some of my Facebook posts this week:

Wow, can’t deny the feeling of being on a roll. Loved the weekend, (love my friends), loved the messages, loved the phone, loved the moon, loved the purr of the kitten in the morning, loved the tea and toast breakfast, loved the sunrise, the mist and the ride to work, love the letter from home, love the first news feed story of the day!

Love making new friends from the southern states, love cooking dinner with Olga Overmyer, love baking apple crisp three nights in a row, love live jazz music Monday nights, love looking forward to a full calendar, love surprise treats at Haven, love social media marketing, love my daily meditation practice, love special tarot readings, love my job, love my tribe.

For many days in a row on my way to and from work I’ve felt an overwhelming sense of blessed-ness. Mostly, due to some very simple attributes of life that I have cultivated an appreciation for over time.

Exhibit A: I live in a paradise.

Kripalu in the Berkshires in Autumn

I feel possibilities mounting, ideas generating, and forgiveness of myself expanding. I know that I am right where I am. Uh huh. And that’s enough for now. It’s perfect and delightful in it’s IS-ness. I feel such appreciation for life and a renewed sense of confidence that my path is totally wholly mine in the best way possible.

Thanks to a few special individuals that made this week so fun and delicious. I appreciate my dear housemate who had to put up with my nagging about the stuck closet doors and my whining about the mold that has overtaken Berkshire County. You’re a trooper and a dear… I’m grateful to my not-so-secret admirer for the greens-n-things 😉 …Oh dot Oh dot, my sister-in-arms who makes me laugh when I feel mopey and will always  giggle with me at the darndest thinks. Chervil, for instance…  My pal from the mid-country who sent me expedited inspiration by mail and whose question to the Universe sparked such love and imagination for an entire listening audience… My Momma, for her home spun letter that both warmed my heart and made me cry… And a very special yogini pal who make me feel so loved every time she calls me Muffin..ha.

Goodness, I love life.

Hope you’re weekend uplifts and pleases. I’m looking forward to PUMPKIN PIE making and baking. My favorite food for my favorite season.

And if you’re on the west coast expect Owls in the mail soon. From me. You’ll see…




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